What we do?

Food for education

We provide nutritious food every day for children who live in poverty.

56 boys and girls from 4 to 14 years benefited.

80% they entered with malnutrition. 100% raised to a minimum acceptable nutritional level.

Positive impact on their school performance.

Let us all eat

We provide hearty food for people of working age and in vulnerable situations. They volunteer at the community kitchen or pay a symbolic price (less than 1 USD).

We subsidize every day all the seniors who benefit from the community kitchen

The children’s mothers commitment make it possible to provide the services. They represent human touch, love, and the certainty of making a difference in the world when we take action.

Cultural Saturdays

We foster the development of knowledge and culture, along with the commitment of different social actors, as the means to overcome poverty and marginalization. By considering children as integral beings, we strive to feed not only their body but also their intellect to enhance their possibilities for future progress